Your success page titleYou work hard every day, you’ve read all of those motivational books and you’ve experimented with a lot of different business techniques.

But your sales has slowed down (or halted altogether), causing you massive frustration and unending anxiety.

Frustrated with marketing

We help you pin-point the problems slowing your business down and also help you smash through the sales, marketing and relationships barriers.


The problem

Today’s marketplace is extremely challenging. You struggle to

  • increase sales and market share,
  • market your product or service in a way that gets you noticed,
  • create more meaningful relationships with prospects and customers.

As a result, you lag behind the competition.

The solution is eV.A.N.S.™

You become empowered by the ‘enhanced Value Assessment Neuroscientific System™’ to

  • craft marketing messages that are impossible to ignore,
  • get prospects and customers paying you attention, making it easier to
  • get the same people to pay you money.

You learn how to communicate more powerfully with stakeholders.

As a result, you quickly bridge the massive gap in your sales, marketing and relationships.

Bridge the gap

There are three main avenues for achieving this.

Click the options below.

Hands-On Consultancy
Live Training
Online Training

Using our ROI calculator, you will be surprised by the return on your investment in our training and consultancy services. The huge value you get is reflected in the additional income you will be able to achieve in the immediate, medium and long term.

Click on the button below to see prices and use the ROI calculator.

Pricing and Return on Investment Calculator

Start your journey to rocket-boosting your sales, marketing and relationships (with the help of neuroscience) by seeing if you qualify for a 1 Hour session with us.


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