The System

Ever wondered what makes your target customer tick, why and how they buy?

Or why some people rave about your brand, while others really don’t care?

Why people buy

The answers to these questions lie in neuroscience and personality science.

If you think it sounds complicated, well, you’re right. Decades of scientific research has gone into understanding human beings.

However we, Sales Velocity Solutions, are the first to break down all of this knowledge to make it easier to understand and apply it to businesses in the health and wellness industry. To be more specific, we use the incredible power of science to help spas, retreats and wellness centres like yours attract a consistent stream of high-paying clients month after month, as well as increase monthly client numbers and revenue.

This solution has been packaged into a system – The Client Attraction Waterfall System.

Our Client Attraction Waterfall System

The scientifically robust 5-part ‘Client Attraction Waterfall System’ provides everything your most spas, retreats or wellness centre needs to become much more profitable and much more successful.

Client Attraction Waterfall System

It answers, in great detail, the main questions that business owners in the industry like you have:

  • Sales – How do I get more clients every month and how do I create a more predictable stream of revenue?
  • Marketing – How do I get noticed in this crowded marketplace and how do I effectively communicate the value of my high-quality products and services?
  • Relationships – How can I form an emotional connection with prospects and customers and how do I turn a one-time customer into a long-term customer?

The Client Attraction Waterfall System, or CAWS for short, was developed using Dr Fatai Badmus’ 34+ years’ business experience, much of it in the health and wellness industry, as well as using validated scientific research in both neuroscience and personality science.

This powerful tool does what its name suggests – it helps you attract a waterfall of clients so you no longer have to worry about a lack of revenue every month.

There are  5-parts to this system; because there are 5 crucial parts to attracting a consistent stream of high-paying clients month after month.

Watch this free training video to find out exactly what these 5 parts are!

"Getting customers to pay you
more attention so that they can
pay you even more money!"

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