Best known for our premium eV.A.N.S.™ Sales Velocity online training, live training and hands-on consultancy, The Info Solutions Provider delivers exceptional value to individuals and small medium-sized businesses. Our solutions have been designed to give you the upper hand needed to compete – and far surpass – competition, allowing you to communicate much more powerfully with your prospects, customers, colleagues and other stakeholders. Our longest and most intense training course, called Diamond Masters Retreat, is not like anything you have experienced before.

We teach our clients a scientifically validated system that empowers you to craft unforgettable marketing messages.

We help business owners and executives quickly rise to the next level by helping them unlock their sales, marketing, relationship and personal potential. All of this is encompassed by our simple, but profound Mission Statement: “Exceptional Value Through Information”.

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The CEO – Dr Fatai Badmus

A multi-skilled and highly experienced individual. He is the Creator and Provider of eV.A.N.S.™ and Sales Velocity Solutions.

“I founded The Info Solutions Provider, because I realised that businesses cannot easily find trustworthy and effective information that would otherwise propel them to the next level and beyond. The shocking number of small and medium-sized businesses that file for bankruptcy each year is evidence of this. I wanted to do something about that.”

With 34 years work experience (the first 11 years as a Medical Doctor and the rest in IT and business) implementing solutions, Fatai has been solving problems and adding value to organisations (commercial, public-sector and non-profit) on three continents (Africa, the Americas and Europe) for a very long time.

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