You are guaranteed to substantially increase your sales velocity, with our “Done-With-You Services – Active Business Support Boot Camps”, enabling you to speed past your competitors.

Yes, you read that correctly. Guaranteed.

That’s a big claim and we don’t say it lightly. We are very confident in our knowledge and expertise and will work with you until your sales goals have been achieved.

Have a look at our 3 consultancy packages below.

Done-With-You Services - Active Business Support Boot Camps

As part of the hands-on consultancy, we help you to:

  • Leverage the power of neuroscience to craft marketing messages that are impossible to ignore, get people paying you attention, and make it easier for the same people to pay you money.
  • Build your own customer tribe and connect with customers in accordance with their unique values.
  • Improve or rewrite your story for your personal and/or company brand, so that it is more compelling, more effective and more profitable.
  • Integrate the eV.A.N.S.™ business tool step by step into the fabric of your business for longer-term success.

Achieving the sales and marketing results you crave begins with a Quick-Fire Sales Strategy Session with us.

You will immediately begin receiving value for propelling your business forward. After the session, we determine the help you need to push through your sales, marketing and business relationship barriers. We also recommend solutions and suggest the next steps.

To start with, click on the button above to see if you qualify for a Quick-Fire Sales Strategy Session.



Note: Prices for our live training are always openly displayed, however there is no flat rate for our unique hands-on consultancy as it is tailored to you and your business to determine the best possible fit. Drop us a call or email for more details on consultancy prices. Prices are also discussed during the strategy session.

"Getting customers to pay you
more attention so that they can
pay you even more money!"

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