If you are a trainer, coach or advisor, you already know what it means to change the lives and businesses of others using your unique knowledge and skill set.

By becoming an eV.A.N.S.™ Certified Trainer, you add another powerful toolkit to your portfolio. You are empowered to work in an even more effective and profound way.

You will not only be trained in eV.A.N.S.™, but also learn how to pass on this incredible, validated knowledge of significantly increasing sales and relationships performance to other businesses and individuals.

You are able to do all this while also substantially increasing your own income.

You remain an independent trainer or coach that has simply bought the rights to teach eV.A.N.S.™. However, we also give you support and guidance, especially when you are getting started. We indeed provide you with the compass that directs you to success.

We give you support, guidance and direction

As a Certified Trainer you keep 100% of revenue from your training events. You also enjoy a 50% life-time discount on all of our SVS training and consultancy services. No royalty fees, no annual license fees.

The one-time-only fee covers

  1. 1 ticket to our fully residential 2 days and 3 nights Double Gold Course
  2. 1 ticket to our fully residential 5 days and 4 nights Diamond Masters Retreat
  3. 1 ticket to our Sales Velocity Solutions Business Lift-Off Course.
  4. Your own replica eV.A.N.S.™ Online website in the format: http://eVANSToolKit.com/Your-Name.
  5. 1 year priority support by phone and email.
  6. Trainer pack including business cards, brochures and flash cards.

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